In Arrival of 2 iPhones, 3 Lessons

iPhone 5S stack“The budget model, the new iPhone 5C, comes in five colors ($100 for the 16-gigabyte model with a two-year contract, $550 without). It’s essentially identical to last year’s iPhone 5, except that its back and sides are a single piece of plastic… It’s a terrific phone. The price is right…”

“The new 5S ($200 with contract, $650 without) looks exactly like last year’s thin and gorgeous iPhone 5. You can now get it with its brushed aluminum body in dark gray (with black glass accents), silver (white accents) or a surprisingly classy-looking gold (white accents).

“Apple says the 5S’s chip is twice as fast as before… There’s also a second chip devoted to tracking motion data from the phone’s compass, gyroscope and tilt sensor. Apple says this coprocessor should save battery life…

“The new camera will mean more to you. Its sensor is 15 percent bigger, and the individual light-detecting pixels are bigger. Take photos side-by-side with the iPhone 5S’s predecessor, and the difference is immediately obvious; lowlight pictures are far better on the new phone…

“The most heavily promoted feature is the 5S’s fingerprint sensor… It’s genuinely awesome…”

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iPhone 5S hands-on: September 20 release date, 3 colors, new specs

iPhone 5s“Apple pulled back the curtain on its buzzy iPhone 5 successor at a Tuesday launch event held here at the company’s headquarters. Physically, the gold, “space gray,” or white aluminum iPhone 5S closely resembles the iPhone before it (bye-bye, basic black), but Apple has bulked up its flagship smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, a faster 64-bit A7 processor, and high-end camera features…

“The iPhone 5S costs the same on contract as the iPhone 5 did at launch: $199 for the 16GB version, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB. Protective cases that Apple made specifically for the device will cost $39 each, and you had better believe there will be a flurry of third-party cases.

“Along with the cheaper, riotously colored iPhone 5C ($99 for 16GB for a two-year contract), the iPhone 5S goes on sale September 20 in various countries…”

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WSJ: New iPad Will Use iPad Mini’s Touch Technology To Become Thinner And Lighter

Retina iPad“The fifth-generation iPad will use the same touch-panel technology as the iPad mini to allow it to become thinner and lighter, according to ‘people with knowledge of the matter,’ who have been speaking to The Wall Street Journal. The device is expected to look just like the iPad mini, with narrow bezels and a significantly thinner shell, but it will maintain a 9.7-inch Retina display…

“In the existing iPad, that touch panel is glass-based, but the new model will reportedly use a film-based one just like the iPad mini.

“While film previously had technical disadvantages when compared to glass, those are no longer a problem now that the technology is more advanced. Furthermore, film-based touch panels allow displays to become significantly thinner and lighter…”

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Leaked Parts Confirm iPhone 5S Dual-LED Flash

Leaked Parts Confirm iPhone 5S Dual-LED Flash“Another big draw of the forthcoming iPhone 5S is the rumored camera improvements. We’ve heard that we’re at least looking at a megapixel jump to 12MP, but dual-LED flash is also rumored to be in the cards, and when it comes to the latter, it looks like we may have just received our confirmation…

“Photographs of new leaked iPhone 5S parts have been published online, showing the uppermost glass wedge of the device… look at how big the cut-out for the LED flash is in the above image. It’s fully twice the size of the current one.

“The increased size indicates a dual-LED flash module, which should result in a more natural, ‘even’ illumination in low-light conditions…”

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The Latest In iPhone 5S And 5C Rumors: Sapphire Home Buttons, Fingerprint Sensors

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C mockups“[Apple] is widely expected to unveil not one, but two new models: the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The 5S will be the successor to the flagship iPhone 5 and sport upgraded specs, while the 5C will have a plastic back and come in multiple colors.

“When it comes to the iPhone 5S, this year’s upgrade could be pretty predictable—A7 chip, better cameras, etc. But then there’s the bet that Apple will do something radically different with the hardware and add a fingerprint sensor. Now the 5S could feature a redesigned home button made of sapphire…

“The rumor mill is also expecting a lower-cost iPhone model, recently dubbed the iPhone 5C. Apple packaging for the device reportedly leaked out of the supply chain, and the name on the tin was ‘5C.’ The prevalent theory is that ‘c’ stands for ‘color,’ as numerous park leaks indicate Apple will offer the device in a variety of bright colors…”

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Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on Sept. 10

iiPhone 5 with OS7“There has been a great deal of talk that the company will debut a new lower-cost iPhone alongside whatever update it has in store for the current iPhone 5.

“Much of the speculation there has centered on the usual kinds of camera and processor enhancements, as well as the likelihood of a fingerprint sensor. That has been expected ever since Apple acquired Authentec last year.

“Naturally, any new phones will be running iOS 7, which has been in testing since its announcement at Apple’s developer conference in June. The new software includes a radical redesign of the overall look of the iPhone’s menus and icons…”

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WSJ: Apple Testing 13-Inch iPad And Larger iPhone

iPad, iPad mini and iPhone“Details are scare, but the report states that Apple is considering a 13-inch display for the iPad, which would be quite the increase from the current 9.7-inch display…

“Apple often prototypes all kinds of devices that never see the light of day, so this doesn’t mean that the company will ship a MacBook-sized iPad anytime soon…

“A larger iPhone has been circulating in the rumor mill for quite awhile, with some reports suggesting that Apple is looking at screens larger than 5 inches…”

Read the entire article at Cult of Mac.

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